There is one way to know fast if a person has fever threw the use of a digital ear thermometer. It will give you not only correct information but also the convenience of knowing the results quickly. It works by detecting the heat coming out of the inner ear and is measured by the infrared light inside it. It is easy to use because all you have to do is insert it into the ear and wait for the reading. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure the ears are clean before inserting the ear thermometer because any form of dirt can result in an inaccurate reading.
  2. The patient should not use the ear thermometer if he or she were doing tiresome physical activities because it will not give good results.
  3. The ear thermometer should be cleaned before and after use in order to avoid contamination of harmful bacteria and or microorganisms.
  4. The ear thermometer must and should be aligned and placed correctly on the inner ear lobe to get the accurate reading or result.
  5. You should be certain that the ear thermometer is turned on in order to activate the infrared. Be extra careful upon insertion because when you force it inside, it could damage the ear and will complicate the illness suffered by the patient.
  6. Wait for a sound or a quick beep before carefully removing the ear thermometer. You will know if there is an error if letters will come out instead of numbers.
  7. In case of getting an error, just repeat the process many times until you get an accurate result.

The main function of the infrared or laser thermometer is to measure the temperature of a surface. It also reads and detects the temperature of a stationary or a moving object. This tool is widely used in industrial and environmental activities. Here are its features and functions:

  • Infrared or laser thermometers are used to measure the amount of radiation by frequency and wavelength in an electromagnetic spectrum.
  • It determines specific temperature by focusing, reflecting and absorbing heat on a specific surface. The infrared light is pointed at a target and electricity is produced from the heat.
  • Infrared or laser thermometers are handy and portable, and there is no need to touch the object to be tested with your hands. You will be able to get an accurate reading in just a matter of seconds.
  • The longer or farther the object, the more you will get accurate results. This is possible by the distance to the spot ratio.

Infrared or laser thermometers also have disadvantages. One is its inability to read accurately in a greater amount of light, and its quality results depend on the unit price of your infrared or laser thermometer -meaning the more expensive, the more effective.

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